Some photos and a house update

I’ve just put a bunch of pictures up on the photos section of this site – the most recent thumbnails should be on the left and you can click on them to be taken to the gallery. The pictures currently fall into three categories – family, house and snaps – so you will see some pics of the house as it develops, some more pics of Sophie as she gets bigger and just some other photos that I like.

It’s taken a while to get used to the new camera – just as it did with the old Nikon 5700 – but it’s fun learning about it. It’s a Nikon D50 that I bought for a song (£130 including a kit lens) on ebay a couple of months ago.

We had a visit from Patricia and George yesterday. It was good to see them and to get another perspective on the house. Sophie as usual took about two hours to settle down and stop bouncing off the walls with excitement at having visitors. I kept having to pick her up and put her in the next room to cool down. She loved her present of finger paints and a paint book too, which she played with alongside me while I edited my photos last night.

The house is still the same – we are struggling to get a builder to even provide a quotation never mind agree to do the work so we may need to look further afield. We haven’t agreed on a kitchen style yet, never mind a supplier so no progress there. The living room and first floor bedrooms can be done quickly if we pull the finger out so we may try to make progress with that this week. Bedroom 1 needs to have a fairly horrible gas fire extracted from a nice marble surround. The living room needs to have a totally new fireplace to replace the over large wood burning stove.

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