Baby #2 is enroute

The contractions started last night and Jeanie is pacing the floor and getting ready to go out for a long walk. Mum and Dad arrived yesterday so it’s great that the baby seems to be coming while they are here. I’d hate to send a second set of parents home with no baby!

Sophie had been getting very excited about it but decided that it wasn’t coming now and Jean was just joking. It’s going to be very interesting to see how she reacts over the first few days.

I’ve come into work for a few hours today to leave things in order for next week which I will take off. I was also feeling a bit of a spare tool at home going “are you OK” every few minutes. Better to stay cool about it until we are ready to get in the car and head off to the hospital.

I’ll try to put a few pics up this afternoon.

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