Sasha’s Party

What a beautiful weekend. We stayed around Harrogate as we have some guys in rebuilding our front wall and laying some paving and needed to stay nearby. Saturday we went to a jumble sale that Jean was volunteering at in Sophie’s school. A good laugh, all the local pensioners descended like locusts and even though I was about 20 mins late there were streams of them walking out laden down with bags of – well I’d call it crap but that is based on an assessment of what they’d left behind. They looked happy though. We just took a picnic to the park and lazed around in the sunshine. On Sunday we took Sophie to a school friend’s party which turned out to be a huge affair at their family hotel, bouncy castles, bungee trampolines, and mountains of good food for young and old. Sophie finally got the courage to go on one of these bungee jumper things and had a blast. Lauren’s second birthday is coming up soon – next bank holiday Monday to be exact – and we are being visited by Mimi and Grandad so another good weekend to look forward to.

Sashas Party-2-3.jpg

Sashas Party-1-3.jpg