Big Easter Update

I suppose I could have said Eggstravaganza……
The good weather has coaxed me out with the camera again and so here are a few pictures from our trip home to Ireland for Easter. The girls had a great time catching up with cousins Cian and Paul and stuffed themselves silly on chocolate eggs (delivered by the Bunny in the garden at Laytown). Once I’d recovered from a night out with Owen and Marc (!) – and survived being prescribed antihistamines for a hangover by Breeda – we had a great night out with the Talbots. On our return myself and Sophie took a trip to Hesketh Farm. A great holiday all in all.

Easter 2009-1-3.jpg

Easter 2009-5.jpg

Easter 2009-6.jpg

Easter 2009-8.jpg

Easter 2009-10.jpg

Easter 2009-12.jpg

Easter 2009-14.jpg

Easter 2009-16.jpg

Easter 2009-17.jpg

Easter 2009-19.jpg

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