Come out, come out wherever you are!

Getting close to the birth date now. Baby number two is due on Wednesday 25th April so it a statistical certainty that I can go anywhere and do anything that day without fear of missing the big event. I even have an invitation to a meeting and an overnight in Paris – on 25th April – but do you think I’m going to chance it? Nope.

Sophie is getting very excited now about the new baby. She started singing to the bump last night “Come out, come out wherever you are. Come out, come out to play”. I know she isn’t really expecting to play football with it day one but I think she’ll be surprised by the lack of major interaction for several months. We shall have to keep her occupied with other things such as the French classes she started yesterday, and swimming classes she’s been doing for a few weeks. Will have to think up a couple of ideas for a present for her when the baby comes.

I’m busying myself at the moment redecorating our bedroom which I started stripping a few weeks ago and which is now getting some lining paper. It’s really difficult sequencing things because an electrician is coming in a few weeks to rip up my walls again so I have to stop the lining paper one roll from the bottom (yes I am doing it the right but difficult way – horizontally – just so I can do this). Going to look good, plus we got new blinds delivered during the week so we can finally take down the net curtains!

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