A growing community

After much work I now have two new co-habitees entwining themselves like ivy around my blog on this server. You won’t see the similarity on their websites but believe me the roots go deep. God help me if I ever have to move servers.

Like me both are refugees from 20six.co.uk – you can still see the sadly rusting hulks at www.20six.co.uk/adam_ball and www.20six.co.uk/helsbels. Owen at least gave the place a lick of paint before bailing out of www.20six.co.uk/idlebones

Owen’s site is at www.idlebones.com and you will find Helen, Mark and Baby Cian over at www.jellyball.net

Heading down to see Helen and Mark this weekend with Sophie while Jean goes to visit Oonagh, Breeda and Marie in Bishop’s Stortford. Sophie has promised to show Baby Cian how to swim so that should be fun! Adam

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