Sorry for my laziness. Finally some Christmas piccies!

What time is it? Tweenie Clock! Mucking around yesterday with Playdoh – how’s this for a fancy watch and jewellry!

Quite some news since my last update. Started a new job last week. My previous company died on it’s arse in November but they were a weird bunch anyway so receivership is good enough for them. Now I’m working in Harrogate and at the end of the first week I’m enjoying myself! Harrogate is a nice town so hopefully we will move over there soon.
Some Christmas pics as promised:
One good side of losing your job just before Christmas is the long holiday!

Putting young Billy to bed, whether he wanted to or not……

With Grandad Billy!

Christmas morning on the beach at Laytown while Mum goes for a run:

At Christmas dinner. Eating dry turkey and ham. We cooked Christmas dinner for the first time ourselves and had Owen and Fionnuala over. First Christmas I didn’t stuff myself silly!