Ireland trip

We took a week home in Ireland over Easter and had a great time. Thanks to Mimi & Grandad, Bibi & Billy and of course Naomi and Neil for looking after us on our travels. The kids really enjoyed spending time with Cian and Katie, Paul and Charlie and Thomas. We visited Trim castle and froze the arse off everyone but I enjoyed seeing the old place fixed up and accessible now. It used to be a crumbling old ruin that smelled of wee so anything is an improvement. Tour guide kept referring to it as a “Killing Machine”, which while historically accurate probably didn’t help Sophie get over her disappointment at finding that there were no princesses there! Dublin Zoo was absolutely brilliant too. It was my first time seeing the new African plains extension and it is astonishing to find a small herd of rhinos wandering around what used to be a corner of the president’s back garden!

Lots more pics in the gallery.