Happy Christmas 2008

Hi everyone. What with work and preparations around the house over the past 6 weeks I’ve barely lifted a camera so making up for it here with a few photos from last night and the fun this morning. Sophie has just moved back into her bedroom to much excitement after the two girls rooms were renovated. Santa didn’t get lost, and aparently enjoyed the mince pie too!
It’s been a great Christmas, and we’re looking forward to seeing Mimi and Grandad over here on the 1st.
Thanks to Owen who scored two massive hits with a real guitar for Sophie, and a musical upsy daisy for Lauren, which has hardly left her side all day.

Sophie and Santa.jpg

Back in her room.jpg


Waiting for Santa2.jpg

Sophies Guitar.jpg

Laurens Upsy Daisy.jpg

Laure and Dad at Christmas.jpg