FFS – the kitchen counter arrived today and only one out of four sections was usable. The templating was totally off and the parts didn’t fit together. Stupid kitchen supplier.

Then the bloody plumber — having put us off yesterday due to his van having been broken into, then waiting for the cops, then waiting for the autoglass people — called today to say he’d contracted the Ebola virus or something *cough* *cough* and couldn’t come back until Monday.

Of course the carpeters are busy working away today although the intention was to have the radiators up before the carpet went down — pretty much the ‘industry standard’ way of doing it — and have very kindly offered to knock off early today and come back on Monday afternoon to lay it once the radiators are in. The carpeting they’ve done so far looks great.

The counter is going to look brilliant though – we can tell that from the one sad section that they’ve left behind……

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