Nearly there.

I’ve been absent for quite some time. I’d like to blame 20six for the interruption in service but to be honest it was about time I moved on from there. 20six did a disastrous migration to a new platform that comlpetely destroyed my small but treasured blog. I started my old blog at back when we moved to Germany from Dublin in early 2003 and it was great to document our time there and the birth of Sophie. We moved to the UK in early 2005 and I suppose since then I haven’t been giving my audience (Mimi and Grandan, Owen, Helen, and some further afield) what they want – more pics of Sophie. Actually I blame Vodafone for that – they also monkeyed up the MMS to email route that meant I couldn’t post from my phone anymore. Right who else can I rail against….. more over the fold.

 Anyway, I’m now attempting to set up this site in WordPress. With the use of this tool I had already backed up from 20six, and I hope I can reload the archives into this. Other backup methods included backstreet browser, which took a mirror of the site, and even outputting the site to large PDF files which preserved the look of the old place. If this is successful I’ll try to get Owen and Helen set up on the same server (



Update: well it is a doddle to set up. Let’s just see how easy it is to import my 20six posts :-)

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