My poor car

Had an unfortunate incident last week with a fiendishly concealed concete bollard! It was hidden behind a big concrete planter which I carefully drove around. I felt the car stick but because the music was up loud, concealing what I assume was a screeching sound, I thought the car was down in a gutter and just needed a quick rev to climb out. Et voila:


Looks pretty much like the time I had a run in with a fiendishly concealed multi-storey car park with my old Laguna in Germany - I blamed the wrong side of the road thing for that one. (Must dig out the picture I have of that). These things keep sneaking up on me.

I can never complain to Jean about dings on my car again – although she did do a nice job on the door of my old Irish Laguna as I recall. Broke the wing mirror while reversing past a tree, and then in a panic (I’m guessing) swung open the door to better assess the situation – and bodged the door from top to bottom along said tree.

Oh well off to the body shop again.

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