At last an Update!

OK we’ve completed the move. We are now resident in Hull in the UK. Took a couple of weeks to move from Germany – about a week packing up and doing stuff like selling the car and closing the accounts and about the same at this end. Sophie and I took a well deserved break and drove back to Ireland for a week to stay with Granny and Grandad, visit Great Granny and other friends we didn’t get much time for at Christmas. Sophie is growing by the day; taller and naughtier!

Nice pic of Great Granny Boyle and Granny Ball over in Trim.

Laytown beach. Naturally she makes a beeline for the largest puddles out there.

Went to visit Ronan and Maryse in Dublin one night.

Well if you’re going to sit in my bed you could at least share your food with me! – Visiting Catherina and David in Termonfeckin. Very satisfying name that. Termonfeckin.

Ciaran Ashworth over for a quick visit on our last night. Tried teaching Sophie to jump but she’s having trouble getting airborne still.

Found her sealegs though. Sophie takes over at the helm in Hull’s underwater acquarium.