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Latest update. I’ve put up quite a bit here over Christmas but haven’t had a chance to review on the web. Sophie is 10 weeks now and really coming on well. She’s been smiling for about 4 weeks now and has started exercising a range of coos and squeaks that keep us amused for hours. It was a real pleasure to be off for the full two weeks over Christmas and be with Jean and Sophie all day. Her cranky hour starts about 7 in the evening just as I get in from work so it’s nice to be there for the smiley bits too.

In other news. The Ginger tinge disappeared at some point over christmas, which was a great relief to her mother and I. Internal investigations had begun, with initial blame being directed at the Talbot side of the family. Then my grandmother confessed to having a few redheads on her side so I had to keep my mouth shut for a while. Strangest of all was to see some slides of a two month old Helen (my sister) that my Dad took in Aug 1974 – dead ringer for Sophie! If I can get them copied I’ll run a separated-at-birth section here later!

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